Creating social value






About us

The Space Group are a forward thinking non profit.

We work with charities, non-profits, local authorities, landowners, developers, housing associations and local community groups to convert vacant, underused and unloved property into spaces that create opportunity.    

Making property work to its full potential, our partnerships and projects ensure that each unique space generates increase in social value whilst offering both short term and long term solutions for the need of workspace, studios and hubs of growth and innovation.




Generating new opportunities


Our work

We specialise in solutions for vacant space. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to create functional spaces in properties that would have previously remained either empty or underused. 

Our work is beneficial for all parties involved; 

Owners see significant reductions in costs such as security, business rates, asset management fees and repairs.

Occupiers have access to previously unavailable space at rents significantly below the market rate, form part of a growing community of like minded people and receive additional support. 

The local community see vacant buildings brought back to life, reductions in antisocial behaviour and uses that directly impact their environment providing exciting opportunities.


Have space / know of space